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Italian Christmas Cookies Now Available in Paperback

Recipes and the stories of the Italians who brought them to New England

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Due to popular demand, we have issued Italian Christmas Cookies in paperback. It’s available through Amazon.

This book is your ticket to a sweet journey through the history, culture and cuisine of Italy and the Italian diaspora in New England. With this book, you will learn how to make delectable Italian Christmas cookies, right in your own kitchen!


By reading this book, you will:

– Indulge in the stories of Roman legionnaires, cloistered nuns, Arab conquerors, Gloucester fishermen, Carraran stonecutters, Genoese pushcart vendors. You’ll find out about a Mafia don, a Vatican cook and a boxing champ.

– Experience the flavors of the past and the present, from the pasticcerie of Naples and the monasteries of Sicily to the bakeries of Wooster Square and the kitchens of Italian moms throughout the Northeast.

– Become a pro at making Italian cookies from amaretti to torrone.

What’s Inside:

– Step-by-step instructions on how to make 24 kinds of Italian Christmas cookies

– Illustrations of the finished product

–Short histories of each cookie, from their origins in Italy’s provinces to their arrival in the Italian neighborhoods of New England.

This book is still available as an ebook. Just click here.

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