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The Proud Cat Farmers of Maine

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Cat FarmersToday, dear reader, we step away from the crime and ignominy that so much of history concerns itself with to bring you an uplifting story of bravery and fortitude, wilderness exploits and triumph over adversity.

Our story comes from the pages of The Minneapolis Journal, March 12, 1904. The setting: the bold coast of Maine. This is a tale of the cat farmers of Maine. Proud, adventurous cats who, not content to sit on a warm lap or hearth and wait to be petted by their masters, took to the land to return to nature.

Inspired, perhaps, by Thoreau’s writings, their story is positively Chellie Pingriliean in its scope. Without further ado, we bring you, the cat farmers of Maine…




… Are you *&%#@ kidding me? Cat farming in Maine? Doesn’t anybody read this crap before they give it to me? Where’s the intern?


–This has been a commentary from the History Cat Network.


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