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Flashback Photo: Rural Life in Lincoln, Vt., 1940

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 vermont farmer 1


Lincoln, Vt., church raffle

The caption to this photo, now stored in the Library of Congress, reads, “Raffle of a ten-pound bag of sugar conducted to raise funds for the church. Band concert. Lincoln, Vermont.”

vermont farmer 2

Lincoln, Vt., band concert

Here’s the band concert that we presume happened at the same time as the church raffle. Boys also pitched pennies during the festivities.


vermont farmer 3

Lincoln, Vt., farm woman

This is a photo of a farm woman washing clothes in her motor-driven washing machine. Louise Rosskam took these photographs in July 1940 as part of the Farm Security Administration, a New Deal agency that fought rural poverty. The photography program, which portrayed poor farmers and their environments, produced iconic pictures that influenced public opinion.


vermont farmer 4

Lincoln, Vt., country store

“Bicknell & Carpenter, General Merchandise” is the name above this country store in Lincoln.

vermont farmer 5

Lincoln, Vt., general store proprietor

Lincoln, Vt., was named after Benjamin Lincoln, a major general in the American Revolution who ran against George Washington for president. The town was first settled by Quakers around 1795.



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